Flour and quarantine

With the beginning of the quarantine, in Polen we ran out of flour. Since a few days I have started to dose the last stocks I have at home, because on April 15 our little Geo turns 1 and I want to make a cake for him! The fact is that, between pizzas, cakes and cookies, the flour jar was emptying, and in my head I was already thinking of some dessert alternative made with pumpkin and chickpea flour or of some other kind, I was starting to look at the other jars, those with the flours I use to fry ... telling myself 'it won't be so essential to make a cake with wheat or spelt flour! '. When suddenly a magic window opened in my memory and the great stone mill that we have in Polen appeared. We have always used it for the fun of it, to make some rice flour and some oat flakes ... for those who love this beautiful and fascinating tool. And finally I understood its importance, its value. I imagined when families had one in their house, or the importance of the village mill, or the mill in the farm ... the wisdom of tradition, because not only the flour was at hand: the grains ground in the moment are much more rich in vitamins and minerals, which are otherwise lost over time, in plastic packages.

In the strange and exceptional times we are going through, this tool could become essential, the basis of many preparations, all of which are made by transforming cereals into flour. Not to mention the pleasure of the aroma of freshly processed cereal, which transports directly to the heat of the wood oven, to the aroma of baked bread.

In strange and rare times like these, flour has become precious. How many people came to Polen to look for it! Because today more than ever, people cook for nourishing and for entertaining. How many of us found the pleasure of kneading, mixing the flour with the yeast, or with the sugar or with the eggs, stretching the dough to make ravioli, boiling the potatoes to mix them with the flour to make ‘gnocchi’. We have the time to calmly prepare a little more than the essential: do, rather than buy and open a package when cooking. Playing in the kitchen with the children, getting our hands dirty, measuring the ingredients, breaking the eggs, seeing the result, happily enjoying what we have prepared together ...

And so, at the idea of the mill, I relaxed, and baked some more cookies, I saw the empty flour jar, knowing about this great resource of the mill, and I felt the emotion of going to Polen to make my own flour, with the same excitement of the children who play with the mill while they wait for their mother who is shopping in Polen ... because it is fun, it gives satisfaction, it is a game that arouses joy, curiosity, skill ... and creates a project, that of going home and do something else: play cooking. Truly the beauty of simplicity. I can't wait to use it tomorrow!


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